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​What do you want for your birthday?  What's on the top of your Christmas list?  These are questions that excite young people since they know the person asking is planning on getting them something special.  Something that kids may not think about is a week at Trail Ridge Camp!  If your child is having a birthday party or if you would like your child to get a week of camp for Christmas, feel free to download and print this certificate and send it out with their Christmas list or birthday party invitations.  Encourage family and friends to invest in your child by sending them to Trail Ridge where they will have the opportunity to explore God's creation, sit under solid Biblical teaching, meet new friends and make memories that will last a lifetime!  Friends and family will be able to simply fill out the certificate and enclose whatever gift they are able to send.  This is not a gift that you have to store in the garage and take up space like a bicycle.  You don't have to take extra time to wrap it like most gifts.  Your child will not outgrow this gift in the next 6 months like a sweater from grandma.  And this gift will not go out of style in the next few years.
This is a gift your child will look forward to and be talking about the rest of the year.