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Public File
 VCY America maintains a Public File on the FCC’s website.  To locate a station’s public file, please locate and click on the station below to access the Public File site.  In the event any link fails, please report the failed link to VCY America at:  Please note that you may still access a station’s public file by accessing and typing in the call letters of the station of interest.
For any assistance regarding content of the public file you may contact:
Jim Schneider
VCY America
3434 W Kilbourn Ave
Milwaukee, WI  53208
(414) 935-3000 or 1-800-729-9829  

​To access a public file, click on the station below:
WPTH             Olney, IL                    88.1 FM

KVCI              Montezuma, IA           89.7 FM

KVCY            Ft. Scott, KS               104.7 FM

​KCVS             Salina, KS                     91.7 FM

WVCN            Baraga, MI                  104.3 FM 

​WVCM           Iron Mountain, MI        91.5 FM

WQRN            Cook, MN                     88.9 FM

​WQRM           Duluth, MN                  850 AM

​KVCS             Spring Valley, MN        89.1 FM

​WRVX          Cameron, MO              91.7 FM 

New Mexico

KVCN            Los Alamos, NM        106.7 FM

WJIC               Zanesville, OH              91.7 FM

South Dakota
KVCF             Freeman, SD                 90.5 FM

​KVCX            Gregory, SD                101.5 FM

KVCH            Huron, SD                     88.7 FM

​KVFL             Pierre, SD                      89.1 FM

​West Virginia
WVIW            Bridgeport, WV          104.1 FM

WVCF            Eau Claire, WI              90.5 FM

​WVFL             Fond du Lac, WI          89.9 FM

WVCY-FM     Milwaukee, WI           107.7 FM

WVCY-TV     Milwaukee, WI           Channel 30

​WVCY-AM    Oshkosh, WI                 690 AM

​WVCS            Owen, WI                     90.1 FM

WVCX            Tomah, WI                    98.9 FM

​WEGZ            Washburn, WI             105.9 FM

​WVRN            Wittenberg, WI             88.9 FM