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VCY America Radio - Satellator and Translator Information

Current VCY America Translators & Satellators
  • CHARLESTON, IL - 90.5 FM
  • CAMBRIDGE, OH - 94.5 FM
  • JOPLIN, MO - 106.3 FM
  • BROOKINGS, SD - 88.9 FM
  • MITCHELL, SD - 99.5 FM
  • MCFARLAND, WI - 91.1 FM
  • MONROE, WI - 90.1 FM
  • RIPON, WI - 102.9 FM
  • SHEBOYGAN, WI - 94.9FM
  • WATERTOWN, SD - 103.5 FM
Several additional outlets to the VCY America Network are low-powered stations, that extend the reach of VCY America into towns and other areas where the signal is weak or not available at all from a full-powered station. These are known as "translators" or "satellators".
• A translator rebroadcasts the signal from a full-power FM station to a community on the
edge of its normal listening area, where the full-power signal may be weak.
• A satellator receives the VCY America signal by satellite, and broadcasts it to a local
community with a low-powered FM transmitter.
You may also request program schedules for any of our VCY America-owned stations.