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Michael Swift's February, 1987 Editorial
In 1987, Michael Swift was asked to contribute an editorial essay to the "Gay Community News" magazine. This editorial was later reprinted in the Congressional Record, pages 21194-21195, and in the NFD Journal in October, 1987.

The article was discussed and read several times on the Crosstalk program, some years ago.

It was requested that we make it available online, and we are doing so, with the understanding that the content is not that which we normally present on VCY America. While it is not graphic, it is written in strong, vitriolic language.

NOTE: We have rated the page with the editorial with the Internet Content Rating Association as having some objectionable language, and language that could be construed as threats against an individual or group. Because we have registered the essay page with them, if your browser is set to reject sites with objectionable content, you may not be able to view the page. This is to protect you and your children from material you do not wish to see.

One additional note: Some homosexual groups are accusing what they call the "religious right" of printing the article as it appeared in the Congressional Record, without an opening statement of its purpose. This statement apparently was missing from the Congressional Record version of the essay, but we have included it here.

Even though the opening one-sentence statement is put forth as evidence that the contents are not an "agenda", strictly speaking, a look at the history of the "gay rights" movement in the years since 1987 (all the way to current news headlines) makes it clear that Mr. Swift is not the only homosexual to have this "dream".

If you desire to read Mr. Swift's essay, it is available from the link below.

Michael Swift: "Gay Revolutionary" Editorial