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Viewing WVCY-TV Digital

WVCY-TV's digital television service is located on Digital Channel 30-1.

If you still have an analog TV, there are three ways to receive digital television stations:
1. Purchase and install digital-to-analog converter box, and, if necessary, an antenna
designed to receive digital broadcasts.

2. Subscribe to a cable or satellite service, or

3. Purchase a TV with a digital tuner.
If your digital TV reciever is connected to a pay service, and you do not find WVCY-TV, check with your provider to learn what channel they are using to provide WVCY-TV.

If you still have an analog receiver which is connected to a cable source, and cannot receive WVCY-TV or other digital stations, check with your provider for infomation on how they support your analog set with digital television signals.
To register comments, or for more information concerning the DTV transition, converter boxes, and how you can continue to receive the station, call us at 1-800-729-9829, or write us at WVCY-TV, 3434 West Kilbourn Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53208.