Trail Ridge Volunteer FAQ’s

Do you really need my help?

YES! There are always different areas for people to be able to serve!
We have opportunities in the following areas:

-Kitchen Crew:
~Assist in cooking
~Serve food in a buffet line to campers
~Wash Dishes
~Clean up the dining hall after meals

-Snack Shop/Country Store Workers:
~Selling snacks and souvenirs to campers at scheduled times throughout the day

-Grounds Crew:
~Mowing with tractors, zero-turn lawn mowers, yard tractors and push mowers
~Weed whacking around buildings
~Painting projects
~Splitting wood
~Landscaping projects
~Setting up a campfire for bonfire night
~Watering and weeding flower beds

-Activities Assistants:
~Assist program director in preparing, facilitating and cleaning up activities

-Housekeeping Crew:
~Clean washrooms at the campsite
~Clean washrooms at other locations around camp
~Various cleaning jobs around camp

~Male or Female
~Lead and supervise a cabin of boys or girls

Counselors take this training session before your week at camp

~Current certification required
~Be in good physical condition
~Supervise all pool activities for about three hours every afternoon

~Must be a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), EMT, Paramedic
or Doctor

What are some of the qualifications to be a counselor?
-Spiritual maturity
-Be able to share the gospel effectively to a child
-Be physically able to do a lot of walking (example: it is about ¼ mile from the cabins
to the dining hall)

How are camp volunteers screened and/or background checked?
We have a state background check done for every volunteer who comes to camp during the summer. We also ask for a personal salvation testimony along with three personal references plus their pastor's name and number to call and ask for a recommendation on them.​

Where will I be staying at camp?
~All single volunteers (except counselors) will be housed in gender restricted, air
conditioned dormitories in the Thomas Center (Administration building).
~All married volunteers (except counselors) who have their spouse at camp will be
provided with an air conditioned modular home. These homes have 2 bedrooms, a
full bathroom, kitchen and living room. These homes may be shared between two
couples depending on the number of available modular homes that week.

What will I do with my car during the week at camp?
A designated parking lot is available for all volunteers who bring vehicles to camp.

Can I just volunteer for a day or a weekend and not the whole week?
Absolutely! You can call us at the VCY office and ask for information about volunteering for a time shorter than one week. There are many day and weekend projects available.

Do I have to volunteer during the summer, or is there off-season work that can be done?
There are many jobs at camp that can be done in the off-season. Things like mowing and cleaning especially are some examples of continuous projects at camp.

May I stay to volunteer for more than one week during the camp season?
Absolutely! It is a great help if you volunteer for more than one week to add consistency to the program.

How do I sign up?
Adults can apply online or download an application here and teens can apply online or download an application here or you can call in to the VCY offices 1-800-729-9829 to have an application sent to you.

Is there a fee to volunteer?
No, there is no fee to be a volunteer at camp. In fact, if you are a parent and volunteering and are interested in sending some of your kids to camp, you are eligible for a discount!

What discounts do I get for my children if I volunteer?
If you are a parent who is volunteering for a week of camp and you are interested in bringing some of your own children as campers:
-The cost for one child will be $100.
-The cost for any of your children after that will be $150 each.
-No other discount applies if you receive this discount
-This discount will not apply for any child other than your immediate children.

What do I need to bring?
All volunteers should bring:
-A Bible with a notebook and pen
-Bedding (unless you will be staying in a modular home)
-Towels and toiletries
-Any medications you will need throughout the week
-Appropriate walking shoes
-Enough clothes for a week appropriate to your duties

How old do I have to be?
Teen volunteers may may be ages 14-18. Make sure you fill out the special application for volunteers under age 18.

Adult volunteers can be age 18+

How long is a week of camp?
A week of camp for the volunteers starts at 5:30 on the Sunday night previous to your week at camp. Sunday night we will serve a staff supper, have a time of fellowship and a time of orientation and assigning duties. Camp lasts all week until Saturday morning after breakfast.

What training will I get?
Upon acceptance as a volunteer, orientation materials will be sent to you. Also, the Sunday night previous to your week at camp will be a time of orientation as well as a time to answer any other questions you may have.
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